Barrier-free Holidays at GITZ

Camping Park’s barrier-free infrastructure

Holidays and travel should naturally remain important features in the lifestyle of people with or without a handicap

Do you favour an easy and comfortable journey to your destination, look forward to a few nights in the open air, appreciate a certain amount of freedom and a touch of adventure? If so, then the Gitzenweiler Hof Camping Park is the right place for you.

Sometimes not always being subjected to “adventure” can actually be more convenient for the disabled in many places. Modern mobile homes, the comfortable factilies at GITZ with its supermarket and restaurant as well as barrier-free sanitary amenities enable you to spend an enjoyable holiday with the least obstacles as possible.

Look forward to a care- and barrier-free holiday at GITZ

Our Reception, the supermarket, the Gitzenweiler Hof Tavern, Udo’s Hütte Snack Bar at the GITZ Elephant Plaza as well as the sanitary blocks 4 and 5 all have disabled access.

Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof - Stellplätze am Weiher