Vacation on historic ground – from knights’seat to camping park

The historic roots of the Gitzenweiler Hof can be traced back to the early 14th century. At that time Knight Ulrich zu Ebersberg sold the estate and the Gitzenweiler Hof was first mentioned in a legal document. Around 1600 Gitzenweiler first belonged to Johann Andreas Heider and later to Daniel Heider – both sons of Valentin Heider, who, among other things, first initiated the traditional Lindau Children’s Festival.

Today the original crest of the noble family “von Heider zu Gitzenweiler” - from the 18th century hangs above the entrance (opposite Reception). The over 300 year-old manor- and former 
customs house bears witness to the earlier importance of this place, the door to Lindau. Today it houses the Bavarian GITZ Tavern.

On the estate “Gitzenweiler“, just a few kilometers from Lindau’s old town, camping began on the farm ground at the beginning of the 1960s – more or less by chance to accommodate travel-happy people on their way south.

Under the Management of the Müller Family, the simple campsite continued developing over the years since 1995. The realisation of its vision - to offer camping guests a camping experience close to nature but with all modern comforts - has led to the Gitzenweiler Hof’s renown as a multiple award-winning 5-star camping park.

It is therefore a fact that a camp life at GITZ has been in existence since the days of 
Knight Ulrich zu Ebersberg in 1380, meaning that we can look back on more than 600 years of history. As a seasonal highlight we celebrate this historical fact annually in August with our “Rittertagen”(Knights’ Days)
„GITZ in the year 1380 – the Camping Park in the days of Knight Ulrich von Ebersberg“.
At this event we take you back on a journey through time into the Middle Ages, an era with myths and dragons, jesters, maids and brave Gitzenweiler knights.
A fascinating experience with a knights’ camping festivities, knights’ songs, jugglers, children’s spectacular, fire-breathing dragon show, storytelling and much more.

All locals and GITZians are warmly invited – admission is free!