Respect for nature

Gitz is an Ecocamping pioneer

Modern camping with every comfort and at the same time being close to nature is no contradiction.

At GITZ we place great importance on taking care of our environment and in doing so at the same tme maintaining the quality of our service. Both aspects are constantly being controlled and our efforts have already been endorsed with numerous awards.

Since 1999 we have been working according to the guidelines of  ECOCAMPING, an initiative for achieving sustainable and high-quality camping tourism in Europe.  The aim is to provide an integrated view of the areas of environment and quality.

Through our cooperation with ECOCAMPING  we have become even more aware that even the smallest action can have a regional as well a global effect.  For this reason we feel it our duty to continue to  improve  nature- and environmental protection and to act, live and manage with environmental awareness.

Our commitment in the spirit of the ECOCAMPING-model     

Adherence to environmental laws and regulations

  • Environmental education through regular information days for employees and staff.
  • Reduction of  residual waste/garbage and active avoidance of  rubbish and litter through sufficient information
  • Correct sorting of waste though help of  clear signs and environmental information for the camping guests
  • Reduction of automobile traffic by non-use of private vehicles within the campsite and during rest periods.
  • Reduction of automobile traffic outside campsite by use of special buses during the summer months as well as through the connection to the urban bus system.
  • Use of environmentally-friendly or recyclable material.
  • Reduction of  countryside encroachment though non-sealing of soil and space-saving construction. .
  • Ecological construction
  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Composting, mulching of areas of grass