Terms & Conditions

Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH

As of 15.01.2016

1) Area of Applicability

These business terms and conditions regulate the mutual rights and obligations between the camping guest and the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH in Lindau (Bodensee). The Camping Park promises to provide and fulfill the contractual services according to the currently valid offers, descriptions thereof and quoted price tariffs as listed for the travel period in question. Information supplied by telephone, additional verbal agreements and other special assurances, of whatever kind, require the written form in oder to be valid and are only an integral part of the contract through written confirmation by the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH.


2) Bookings

In general bookings can be made by telephone Monday to Sunday from 9.00 a.m. until 12.00 midday and from 2.00 p.m. until 6.00 p.m. as well as by telefax or email and personally during the Reception opening times.

By registering and booking the camping guest concludes a binding camping agreement with the Campingpark Gitzwenweilerhof GmbH.

This agreement only becomes effective upon written confirmation of acceptance from the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH for the specified period and number of persons registered. The agreement does not entitle the guest to the allocation of a particular pitch or area. Preferences can, however, be stated.


3) Travel Groups

Groups of 10 persons or more can only be accommodated upon advance booking. Groups which do not belong either to a camping club or any other association or club cannot be accepted. In principle one member of such a group should be designated as responsible contact person and be at the disposal of the Camingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH on the site.


4) Young People and Minors

Young people under 18 years of age may only stay at the Camping Park when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to whom the parental rights and duties and the responsibility for the minor have be entrusted.

In this connection it is obligatory to submit an appropriate written document from the respective parents.


5) Length of Stay or Duration of Rental

In the high season A (July, August, public holidays and long week-ends) it is essential to make timely bookings with immediate payment of a deposit. This also applies for comfort pitches throughout the rest of the season. In July and August a minimum booking of five nights applies with a flexible date of arrival and for comfort pitches a minimumbooking of seven nights. At Easter, Whitsun and the religious holidays of Corpus Christi and Ascension Day a minimum booking of three nights is requested.


6) Confirmation of Booking

A binding written confirmation of booking will be issued within four to five days and the booking data therein should be carefully checked over by the camping guest.

After receipt of the booking confirmation the deposit of 100 euros (for less than 5 nights’ stay, 50 euros) is payable stating name, date of arrival and valid personal identity card (or passport) number. The deposit should be transferred to the following account with the Postbank Nürnberg: DE 04 76 01 00 85 04 12 15 08 54, BIC/Swift: PB NKD EFF 760.

Following receipt of the deposit payment this will be confirmed and the respective pitch or rental accommodation will be reserved from 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival (rental accommodation from 4.00 p.m.) and kept free until closure of the Reception, at latest 6.00 p.m. It is the camping guest’s obligation to inform the Reception immediately of any changes in arrival time or delays.

Admission to the Camping Park between 12.00 and 2.00 p.m. is not possible due to closure of the barrier during this period.


7) Checkout

The booked pitch should be vacated by 11.00 a.m. and left in a clean and tidy condition. (Rental accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 a.m.)Outside the high season A upon payment of a surcharge and in agreement with the Camping Park permission for a later departure can be granted. Should a departure before the agreed date be necessary, immediate notification thereof should be given to the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof.


8) Use of Pitches

The allocated pitch may only be used by the maximum number of persons registered and only with one passenger car. The camping gust who has made the reservation is personally liable for all obligations under the agreement concluded for those persons registered.


9) Obligation to Notify

In the event of existing defects or shortcomings, the camping guest is obliged to inform the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH of theses without delay. Should this notification not be carried out the camping guest is not entitled to any claims or rights in this respect on any legal grounds whatsoever.


10) Tariffs

Fees payable by the camping guest are derived exclusively from the respective valid tariff list of the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH. This also applies for special offers and promotions such as, among others, ”GITZ Hits”. Upon entering the premises of the Camping Park, the camping guest accepts the current tariff, as displayed in the Reception. Payments can be made in cash, by EC card with PIN number or by credit card (with payment of a fee).




11) Tourist Tax

The Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH is obligated by the local tourist tax regulation of the town of Lindau to collect the valid local statutory tourist tax from guests. The amount pabyable for tourist tax is shown separately on the invoice.



12) Cancellations

The camping guest is entitled to withdraw from the agreement concluded with the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof at any time with corresponding declaration in writing.
No cancellation fees will be charged for own recreational vehicles on standard pitches or in cases of early departure.

The aforementioned does not apply for rented objects. In this case the decisive factor in cancellations is the date of receipt by the Campingpark Gitzeweilerhof GmbH of an explanation for cancellation.

Withdrawal from the agreement by lessee of the rented object is possible at any time up to 
2 months before commencement of the rental period and upon payment of a processing fee of 30 euros. Cancellation must be made in written form.

Should the camping guest (lessee) withdraw from the camping agreement for a rented object (rental accommodation) the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH has the right to request the following compensation:

Up to 8 weeks before commencement of rental: 25% of the total price

Up to 4 weeks before commencement of rental: 50% of the total price

Up to 2 weeks before commencement of rental: 75% of the total price

From 2 weeks or less before period of rental commences: 100% of the total price.


13) Cancellation of Agreement by the Camping Park

The Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH reserves the right to terminate the agreement without notice for good reason if the Camping Guest breaches or defaults any provision of the agreement. These reasons include continuous infringement of the campsite regulations by the behaviour of the Camping Guest , endangering other guests, causing continuous disturbances, usage of the pitch or rented object contrary to the agreement or any other conduct that constitutes a breach of contract. In this case the Camping Guest is not entitled to any refund of the rental price.


14) Liability

The Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH only accepts liability for intent and gross negligence. It cannot be held liable for damages incurred through loss of or disorders in water- electricity- or gas supplies as well as through noise nuisance by third parties as well as breach of duty by negligence or violation of instructions through which damages result when using facilities or equipment - including any which may be out of order - located on the premises of the camping park. This also applies to breaches of duty by legal representatives or vicarious agents of the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH.

In particular, the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof disclaims all liability for damages, accidents, loss of personal property or other irregularities which may arise in connection with the usage of the campsite. This also applies in respect of vehicles and trailers of all kinds including their contents and their contents.

(loss of property – equipment, vehicle, valuables or cash)


15) Campsite regulations

The campsite regulations which are displayed and can be handed out upon request are binding for all camping guests.


16) Visitors

The camping guest is obligated to register any visitors at the reception before they enter the camping park and it is his/her responsibility that the corresponding fees according to the current price list should be paid at the Reception before departure of the visitor(s).


17) Entrance to the Camping Park

Upon arrival the camping guest must register his/her vehicle’s registration number. This is necessary for the camera-controlled barrier system at the entrance to camping park. Upon registsration the camping guest receives his/her personal guest number for the purpsose of operating the barrier, which is necessary for opening the barrier manually in the event that the 
guest’s vehicle registration number has not been properly recorded or not recorded at all.
This guest number permits only the vehicle registered to pass the barrier. It is not allowed to pass this guest number on to a third party.


18) Parking

Visitors’ vehicles and camping guests’ additional vehicles must be parked, without exception, outside the grounds of the camping park (outside the entrance barrier) on a designated parking lot for passenger cars for a fee.






19) General Provisions

The camping guest is entitled to the right of offset only with such demands that are undisputed or have been legally established. All legal relationships between the camping guest and the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof GmbH shallbe governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes resulting from the Agreement is Lindau am Bodensee, if the camping guest has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or his/her place of residence or normal abode is unknown at the time legal proceedings are instituted.

In all other cases the general place of jurisdiction applies.